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About Us

Wholesale Solar PV & Electrical Supplier 

Since our inception in 1957, CED has focused on meeting our customers' electrical requirements-ONE CUSTOMER AT A TIME. Each of our locations operates as an autonomous profit center and has the flexibility to make the decisions necessary to serve their customer base. Combining this acute awareness of the local community's needs with the support of CED's nationwide resources ensures our customers receive a consistently high level of service and support. 

Network to support ANY job

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Working with a division on Consolidated Electrical Distributors, you will have access to our vast network of stocking warehouses across the country and we can leverage our connections to get whatever you need to get the job done! 

Specialized Fleet to Deliver Full Jobs and Large Materials Nationwide


For local customers, have full jobs delivered right to your job site next day. Or if you are a little farther, enjoy freight delivery out of our stocking warehouses. We have the capability to deliver throughout the continental USA.



  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Utility



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