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Solar or Smart Home, Energy Savings or Convenience? What comes first, the Chicken or the Egg?

Before we get to that age-old question let’s get a few things out of the way. There is no denying the age of “Internet of Things” is among us. This means endless opportunities for sustainable power markets. Consumers expect more from the devices connected to their homes. They want an ecosystem that communicates and sense of security in their buying decisions. Smart home offers potential for a consumer to be engaged, informed and make energy-conscious choices. All while staying connected to home security and safety for peace of mind from anywhere in the world.

The Challenges, Solar.

To date, 6% of Us Homes have a form of a renewable power source.

As solar champions, the quest for changing the world one solar system at a time doesn’t come without challenges. Everything from cancelation rates, lead acquisition costs, how to differentiate vs. a competitor and utility restrictions come to mind. We all know these well. All the charts and graphs used to create a profound Return on Investment doesn’t always win the day, and not to mention the competitive nature of our business.

The Challenges, Smart Homes.

A study conducted in 2019 estimated that 58% of US homes have smart devices installed, from DYI to DIFM.

On the first look, creating a Smart Home doesn’t appear to have any market challenges. Without a doubt, it has already achieved mass adoption. Let’s peel some layers back for a closer look. Consumers and installers of smart home technology currently experience the complexity of assemblage challenges. Some of the common questions asked: What devices work together? How do I get the most out of my devices installed? How do I even get them to communicate and integrate? The current solutions out there are falling short of consumer needs. Choosing a “Do it yourself” platform may limit some consumers from achieving the most out of the system. Customer service and support is a serious need when multiple brands and types of products are installed. The affordable Smart home space lacks Pro networks that can solve this problem. The challenges continue for smart home consumers. Is the complexity of the home network holding it back? After being faced with all these challenges, how has it achieved mass adoption? Is this an Ecosystem or an EGO system? Whether it’s DIY or DIFM, the need for Pro has come.

Enter the Consumer.

Should a solar professional offer a solution to consumer’s needs?

In the current market, there is an ever-increasing demand for a simple solution on one app. One that communicates information about connected devices. Can it meet my energy needs by giving me status and updates? That doesn’t just mean the data it creates - it must translate into a plan about my lifestyle and habits. Sounds easy enough, right? There is plenty of evidence proving that solar is the answer to your energy needs, as well as making the world a better place for generations to come. Lowering energy costs and neutralizing the ever-growing demand our homes have for energy are just a few examples of the priceless value renewables add for consumers. Solar professionals are uniquely qualified to provide this service to consumers. A smart home offering can help close the solar sale by providing an entire energy-efficient package. CED Greentech offers affordable financing for energy solutions and monitoring, as well as creating load shedding using smart home devices coupled with tax income credits. Having the full ecosystem that not only monitors your energy but can make suggestions to reduce consumption and lock your doors too! This only leaves one more question, where do I sign?

CED Greentech’s Vision for the future. Becoming a Solar Smart Tech.

Introducing Solar professionals into Smart home Concept, Creation of a PRO-TECH installer.

CED Greentech is positioned for the challenge! We start with our customers in mind and currently offer great values across the solar market. Why not duplicate our success in the smart home space? We can offer custom-kitted solutions for solar installs. We are using brand named vendors that have committed custom resources to the Solar market. Having solutions that scale from solar generation, battery storage, and energy usage is what the solar professional needs in their preverbal tool bag. We can assist in selecting a feature-rich smart home ecosystem. Utilizing both solar and smart home offerings will open the consumer’s eyes to their home’s production and customer needs. After all, wouldn’t that truly be a “Smart Home”?

The Future Potential of Solar Smart Homes.

I am bringing over 25 years of electrical and smart home experience to the Solar Industry. Having started my first smart home business over 20 years ago, I have seen firsthand the challenge of smart home deployment. The benefits of Solar and smart technologies could maximize the consumer's experience since we all share the same goal of growing awareness of what a future smart home will look like. By packaging smart home applications and EV chargers to our renewable energy offering, we are adding more value to our customers while growing solar in its entirety. So, Solar or Smart home? When asked what comes first the Chicken or the Egg, you can answer back with your own question “I don’t know are we having breakfast or dinner”?

Written by: Rob Primera - National Business Development CED Greentech Southwest

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