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Will-Call & Counter

Solar PV 

Switchgear & Lighting

Job-Site Delivery

Electrical and Wiring

VMI Service

Will Call

Will-Call & Counter Sales

Come in to our counter and talk with our electrical and solar specialists to get the right part for the right job. Aside from an expansive warehouse of stock items, our counter offers specialized tool rental, job-site equipment, and other quick pickup items. 

Create an account with us and enjoy the benefit of having your orders ready and waiting for you at the counter. Come into the counter today!


Job-Site Delivery

For bigger jobs, enjoy FREE same or next-day job-site or warehouse delivery. Our warehouse team pulls orders and loads them on one of our fleet of flatbed trucks with lift gate to make delivery and drop-off a breeze. We work to get you the materials to you when and where you need it.

We also offer nationwide shipping through freight delivery. This allows our customers to enjoy our competitive pricing no matter where in the continental US you are located. 


Solar PV Modules & Equipment

CED Greentech are the experts in solar PV module and equipment distribution and are highly experienced in stocking installers with jobs. We stock a wide variety of module and racking manufacturers as well as other solar accessories. 

Contact your local solar salesman and request a quote for your next solar project and see the CED Greentech savings and customer service in action! 


Electrical & Wire

Our CED Greentech Arizona location is a legacy electrical supply house and is equipped to supply commercial electrical jobs with conduit, fittings, breakers, and electrical panels. We are a proud Siemen's house, stocking their breakers and electrical panels. 

We also stock and cut a wide variety of wire to fit your specifications. Contact us at 480-968-9341

to work with our electrical specialists to fulfil your job requirements. 


Switchgear & Lighting

CED Greentech Arizona has an in-house switchgear department as well as lighting salesmen to help you complete your projects. CED Greentech Arizona stocks Siemens brand ; panels, load centers, breakers, and general & Heavy Duty disconnects. 

Our lighting salesmen specialize in finding you the best solutions for lighting projects and packages to make ordering a breeze.   


Vendor Managed Inventory

Don't want to hassle with ordering materials on  a per-job basis? No worries! CED Greentech Southwest provides VMI service to keep your warehouse continually stocked. This provides the flexibility to exchange some parts or restock your trucks on the fly without having to stop by CED's counter on the way. 

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