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Smart Home

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At CED Greentech Southwest, we realize the high-growth potential of home automation and are proud to offer a suite of smart home products from the industry's top manufacturers.

We believe that the energy savings, convenience, and security of home automation are game changers and so do our customers. Home and apartment builders realize the value of home automation too; meeting the demand of buyers and renters by installing video doorbells, smart locks, lighting, and learning thermostats. 



Smart Home Security Control
Smart Home Assistant
Smart Home Notification
Smart Home Remote Control

Why Automate Your Home?


Reduce energy consumption through home automation like energy management systems, learning thermostats, and solar energy. 

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Connect all of your smart devices to a central hub and control your entire home through an app or by using your voice. Have a button on your phone that automatically turns off your lights and lowers the AC when you leave.

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Be in touch with your home wherever you are with home security using smart products. Know who is at your front door and when with video doorbells and control if they can get in with smart locks to avoid giving out your key.

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Remote Control & Monitoring

Can't remember if you locked your door or turned your lights off after you left the house? Just pull up your phone and check and lock up and turn them off with a press of a button. 

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